Science is a core subject at Longdean.  Every student will have the opportunity to gain valuable and relevant qualifications in science.  We will be preparing students for qualifications offered by AQA.  For our science GCSEs, the examination season is in May/June of the summer term at the end of Year 11 and there is no coursework.  It is particularly important that students and parents note that the work covered in Year 9 is a fundamental part of the GCSE even though the formal examinations are not taken until the end of Year 11.  It is vital to make a sound and secure start to the course in order to avoid later difficulties.


Students have the chance to express a preference as to whether they wish to work towards THREE separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or towards a DOUBLE AWARD GCSE (worth two GCSEs) in Combined Science.

GCSE Combined Science (Double Award)

Known as Trilogy Science by the exam boards, this combines Physics Chemistry Biology.

For more details see KS4 Combined Science

GCSE Triple Science (Triple Award)

This studies each science, Physics Chemistry Biology, as a sperate subject and the student takes a GCSE in each subject.

For more details see KS4 Triple Science.



Updated 10/03/2022