Our vision and values

At Longdean School, we want every member of our school to achieve their academic and social best in an engaging, challenging and inspiring environment. We aim to empower all our students to become confident lifelong learners and well-rounded, emotionally intelligent members of the community they live in.

Our school strapline Rejoice in thy Youth reflects our view that childhood should be celebrated, and while exam results and qualifications are important to our students’ futures, we believe their time here should also be enriching, inspiring, challenging and enjoyable.

Our vision
We want our school to:

  • provide a holistic and relevant education where every student – whatever their abilities – can achieve their best academically, emotionally and socially, and participate fully in school life
  • be a beacon of excellence, where high-quality teaching, an inspiring and motivational curriculum, personalised support, enrichment opportunities and first-class facilities combine to give students the skills and qualifications to have control and choice over their futures
  • nurture every student’s love of learning and natural curiosity – providing them with life-enriching opportunities to develop socially, academically and personally
  • be a caring, inclusive and supportive learning environment where everyone has a sense of belonging and feels safe, valued, and proud to be a part of our school community
  • encourage students to develop independence, confidence, resilience and respect for others, so they can become valued members of the local community and contribute to others nationally and globally.

Our values
At Longdean School, we value and believe in:

  • aiming high – we have high expectations of all our students – whatever their abilities – to try their best, make good progress and achieve their potential
  • valuing difference – respecting and recognising diversity as a strength to be celebrated
  • commitment, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic
  • positive, trusting relationships and clear, honest communication between staff, students and parents/carers to ensure excellent outcomes for our young people
  • choice – enabling students to make appropriate decisions as to what’s best for them and their future
  • sharing in and celebrating everyone’s success
  • encouraging a love of learning – so our students continue to learn and grow after they leave us.