Pastoral Care

The school has an experienced team of year 7 staff to support students in their transition to Longdean and to oversee students care and welfare. They are here to support, advise, guide and help you and your child with whatever questions or concerns you may have as you both adapt to life at secondary school.

Key Contacts on the Year 7 Team:

Head of Year 7: Mr D Jennings 01442 205740 

Pastoral Manager: Miss A Jarman 01442 205760                                            

Transition Co-Ordinator: Mrs L Eaton 01442 205785                                            

Learning Champion: Miss M Fielding 01442 205740                                            

Matron: Mrs D Wilkins 01442 205711

Contacting the School

Please do not hesitate to contact the school at any time by emailing into

  • Prior to starting with us in September, your first point of contact is the Transition Coordinator.
  • Once your child has started with us in September, your first point of contact will become the form tutor. A telephone discussion or face to face meeting can be arranged by emailing into 
  • The Head of Year 7 or Year 7 Pastoral Manager will also be happy to discuss any problems or concerns with you. Please email in-to to arrange a meeting.
  • Please keep the Head of Year 7, the Year 7 Pastoral Manager, or their Form Tutor informed of any medical issues, changes in home circumstances etc.
  • Please regularly check and update yours and your child’s details via the SIMS Parent App
  • Longdean operates a secure electronic system known as SIMS In-Touch to contact parents/guardians and students by email and text message.
  • You will be sent an invitation to register for the SIMs Parent Website soon after your child joins us in September.
  • For more information and for instructions about how to sign up to the SIMS Parent Website/App, SIMS In-Touch and SIMS Pay360 once you have received your invitation, please click here.
Absence from School

Longdean operates a “first day response system”; if your child is absent through illness, please telephone your Pastoral Manager or email the School Office by no later than 9.30am on each day of absence. Please email or telephone at the start of every day of absence to keep us in-formed. 

Medical Appointments

For medical appointments, the School Office or Pastoral Managers should be notified as soon as possible or please email into

Unauthorised Absence

If we do not hear from you, your child’s absence will be recorded as unauthorised. If you are unable to contact us by phone or e-mail then please send a note in with your child to hand to Student Services upon their return. We will request medical verification or evidence if your child is absent from school for five consecutive days or more.

Exceptional Circumstances

Changes to The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 make it clear that Headteachers cannot grant any leave of absence during term times unless there are very exceptional circumstances. Headteachers no longer have the discretion to allow up to 10 days in a school year for a family holiday or to agree extended leave for parents/guardians to visit their country of origin. If there are any exceptional circum-stances behind a request for a term time holiday, they need to be submitted in writing and an appointment made with the Headteacher to discuss the request. The decision will be based upon the context, your child’s attitude to learning, attendance, punctuality and progress towards target grades.

Medical Information

Students at Longdean School with medical conditions will be properly supported so that they have full access to education, including school trips and physical education.

The Longdean Board of Trustees will ensure that arrangements are in place to support students at school with medical conditions and that parents and health care professional are consulted to ensure that the needs of students are properly understood and effectively supported.

Please ensure that as soon as you are logged in to your Sims Parent Website /App, you record all required medical information under Data Collection tab within the Medical Details section.

If required, an appointment can be arranged for you to talk to our school matron to discuss your child’s requirements further and to complete any required documentation, for example consent to store and issue medication to a student during school hours.

The School Dog

In 2021, Longdean School was delighted to welcome a new member of staff; our reading and therapy dog - Maud.

Maud is a Miniature Schnauzer and was chosen to join the school due to her calm temperament and sweet nature. She splits her time in school between the Head’s office, the library and the Inclusion department.

Maud pic

Why did we choose to have a reading/therapy dog?

Having a dog in school had been a long-term consideration for us, and not one we took lightly. We conducted extensive research into the pros and cons of having a dog in school, as well as risk assessments and understanding practicalities. There were several schools locally and nationally that had already been running such schemes and we had been overwhelmed at the positive impact that the dogs had been having on the children.

This was an opportunity we didn’t want to miss, especially with the increasing number of children who would benefit from the calming influence and confidence boosting presence of a school dog.

Research suggests that students who find reading challenging can become nervous and stressed when reading aloud in class. The bark and read programme, run by the Kennel Club, says overcoming fear and fostering a love of reading can be a first step to improving literacy. Dogs can play a key role in this, as they are non-judgemental, attentive and perfect listeners. In other research based on dogs and mental health it is recognised that not only do dogs provide the positive feelings you need when you’re experiencing the effects of anxiety and depression, but they validate the presence of emotion — whatever it is — without judgement.

School Arrangements

We appreciate that not all children or adults like dogs (although we hope that Maud will help alleviate some fears) and we are extremely mindful of allergies. She is only allowed in certain areas of the school at allocated times and is never left with children without an adult. When moving around school, she is on a lead at all times. Where a parent does not want a child to have contact with the dog, the child does not have contact.

Fortunately, Miniature Schnauzer’s do not moult and this will help reduce any potential allergies.

During the evenings and over the holidays Maud lives with the Head, who ensures that she is kept up to date with her flea and worm treatments and routine appointments at the vets. She is also a member of the Kennel Club, meaning she has public liability insurance.

If you or your child has an allergy to dogs and/or you do not want your child to have any contact with Maud, you will be invited to complete a form when starting at Longdean to confirm your preferences.