Longdean School Policies

For comprehensive details of all of Longdean School Policies, including GDPR, Privacy Notices, and  Bullying and Racism, please visit our Key Information page. 

You can also click on the links below to view our most commonly used policies:

Mobile Phones and Devices

Phones and other devices including fit bits, smart watches and headphones are not to be seen or heard on site from 8.15am until after 3:30pm. If they are seen then the device and any accessories they are connected to will be confiscated. The site refers to all buildings, grounds, pathways and playground areas that form Longdean School.

Special Consideration: Parents / guardians can apply to Longdean School for special consideration to not adhere to the policy. Such requests will be looked at on a case by case basis and would normally, but not exclusively, relate to issues around disability, SEND or medical issues. Any request must be made in writing to the Headteacher.

For more information and to read our mobile devices policy please click here.

Positive behaviour Policy

For more information and to read our positive behaviour policy, click here


 For more information and to read our curriculum policy, click here




For more information and to read our E-Safeguarding policy, click here

Home School Agreement

To ensure that our students get the most from their education it is essential that we all work together. 

Our Home-School Agreement has been drawn up in consultation with parents, teachers, students and Trustees and it encourages everyone involved to contribute to making a child’s education a happy and successful one by setting out the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the partnership. 

At Longdean, we believe that the success of our students – your children – is dependent on a good working relationship between home and school.  We need your support to make it work.

Upon joining our school, you will be asked to read through the agreement with your child and confirm your consent by ticking the appropriate consent box within the Sims Parent Software /App Data Collection Tab.  

You can review a copy of the Home School Agreement below.


  • Safeguard all students so that they feel safe at all times. 
  • Provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum for all students within an environment where our students are made to feel valued. 
  • Encourage each student to reach his/her academic and creative potential by taking an active part in school life both in and out of the classroom. 
  • Set and mark homework and projects.
  • Formally assess a piece of work per term using the SIR model. 
  • Keep parents/guardians informed about the school and their child’s work, progress, behaviour and attendance by providing regular information.
  • We will do this through on-line reporting, the fortnightly Longdean Link, Parents’ Evenings, Academic Mentoring, School reports, ad hoc letters home and other meetings.
  • Provide appropriate care, guidance and support for all students through the academic and pastoral system.
  • Deal effectively with parental/guardian concerns and complaints, aiming to acknowledge receipt of communications within one working day.
  • Provide a programme of extra-curricular activities and encourage all our students to be involved.
  • Ensure that the school follows its policies consistently and fairly e.g. School Uniform Policy.
  • Ensure students are well trained in responsible and safe use of technology including Social Media in light of the school E-Safety Policy.
  • Provide before school interventions for targeted students. 



  • Travel to and from school safely and maturely, remembering I am a representative of Longdean school. 
  • Inform my Form Tutor or Head of Year about any concerns or worries that I might have. 
  • Attend school and lessons regularly and punctually aiming to achieve 100% attendance. 
  • Always wear the correct school uniform and be properly equipped for school, all my lessons and examinations. 
  • Work to the best of my ability. 
  • Record my homework and complete it on time.   
  • Follow the school’s Code of Conduct and Positive Behaviour rules both inside and to and from school and the Mobile Devices Policy. 
  • Follow the school e-safety policy to support the safety of all children and adults in the school and promote responsible use of all technology including Social Media. 
  • Show respect and care for the school population, environment and neighbourhood at all times. 
  • Understand my role as an ambassador for the school within the local community and consider the appropriate behaviour when travelling to and from school. 
  • Treat all members of the school community with courtesy and respect. 
  • Take a full and active part in the wider school curriculum and opportunities. 
  • Use technology and social media in a safe and responsible way in light of the schools E-Safety Policy. 
  • Begin school at 8.00am if required, for any academic or pastoral intervention. 



  • Register with the Sims app to support levels of communication. 
  • Ensure that the school has the correct up to date contact details at all times, including mobile number and e-mail address. 
  • Keep the school informed of any problems or change of circumstances which may affect my child’s progress or behaviour. 
  • Encourage my child to take part in the wider life of the school. 
  • Ensure my child attends school regularly and punctually and does not take holidays or make medical appointments during school hours. 
  • Inform the school, on the first day if my child is absent. 
  • Make sure my child wears the correct school uniform and is properly equipped for lessons and examinations.   
  • Support the school Behaviour for Learning policy which includes same day sanctions of up to 45 minutes and the Mobile Devices Policy. 
  • Support the school by taking an active interest in my child’s work, progress and behaviour and in particular discuss the termly report with my child.   
  • Support the school e-safety policy and in particular work with my child on understanding the learning benefits and risks related to ICT. 
  • Use technology and social media in a safe and responsible way and never to address issues relating to complaints. 
  • Encourage and support my child with homework.  
  • Attend my child’s Parents’ Evening (5.00-7.30pm) and other meetings arranged by the school. 
  • Ensure that I make appointments as directed by the school for the Parents’ Evening. 
  • Treat all members of the school community with courtesy and respect. 
  • Ensure my child arrives to school for 8.00am, if required, for intervention. 
  • Ensure my child always behaves as an ambassador of the school. 
Responsible ICT Use

Responsible ICT use is something that we take very seriously at Longdean. Upon joining our school, you will be asked to read through the Responsible ICT Use Statement with your child and confirm your consent by ticking the appropriate consent box within the Sims Parent Software /App Data Collection Tab.  

You can review a copy of the statement below.

Rules for Responsible ICT Use

This Responsible ICT Use statement helps to protect students, staff and the school by clearly stating what use of the computer resources is acceptable and what is not.  ICT and the related technologies such as the internet and email are an important part of learning in our school.

Irresponsible use may result in the loss of Internet access.

Network access must be made via the user’s authorised account and password, which must not be given to any other person. 

Use of School’s ICT system including Internet, email, digital video etc. use must be appropriate to the student's education or to staff professional activity. 

Copyright and intellectual property rights must be respected.

Email should be written carefully and politely, particularly as messages may be forwarded or printed and be seen by unexpected readers. 

Users are responsible for email they send and for contacts made and will not send material that could be considered offensive or illegal.

Anonymous use is not permitted.

The school ICT systems may not be used for private purposes, unless the Headteacher has given permission for that use.

Use for personal financial gain, gambling, political purposes or advertising is not permitted.

ICT system security must be respected; it is a criminal offence to use a computer for a purpose not permitted by the system owner.

These rules are designed to keep people safe and, if they are not followed, school sanctions will be applied and parents/carers may be contacted, which may lead to suspension from the system or exclusion from the school.

The ICT facilities are owned by the school. The school exercises its right to monitor the use of the school’s computer systems, including access to web-sites, the interception of email/electronic communication and the deletion of inappropriate materials where it believes unauthorised use of the school’s computer system is or may be taking place, or the system is or may be being used for criminal purposes or for storing unauthorised or unlawful content.