Games & Ethics


  • All Students will have four games lessons a fortnight.
  • They begin the year by choosing from one of the major games of football, netball, rugby or basketball, which they play during the first half term.  The rest of the autumn term and the whole of the winter term is split into three blocks of about seven weeks each, during which students can choose from football, sports hall activities and other specific school options such as badminton and fitness.
  • In the summer term they will have blocks of about four weeks each of athletics, tennis or badminton and rounders, cricket or softball.
  • The focus in Key Stage 4 is on lifelong participation, hopefully with students choosing activities that they may pursue later in life. Students can also opt for Sports Leader courses.

Ethics (RE) & PSHCE

  • All Students will have one period per fortnight each of RE and PSHCE.
  • The content of these courses includes some philosophy and ethics in RE, and careers, first aid and relationships education in PSHCE.



Updated 14/03/2022