KS4 Computer Science

Computer Science GCSE


  • To give students a real, in depth understanding of how computer technology works.
  • Insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes', including computer programming and app development.
  • To develop critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills which can be transferred to everyday life.
  • To use new and exciting resources to understand current and emerging technologies


Examination Unit

  • Paper 1 - Computational thinking, code tracing, problem-solving, programming concepts including the design of effective algorithms and the designing, writing, testing and refining of code.  This unit is assessed by written exam which is a mix of multiple choice, short answer and long answer questions.  
  • Paper 2 - A written assessment containing long and short multiple questions as well as multiple choice,  This tests students understanding of computer systems, networks, cyber security, relational databases and SQL and legal ethical and environmental impacts of Computing.  
  • Examination
    • AQA  Computer Science Syllabus 8525
    • Unit 1: Computational thinking and problem solving  50%
    • Unit 2: Computing Concepts 50%

Half Termly modules are available [Here]

Updated 14/03/2022