• GCSE Sociology aims to broaden students’ minds, helping them to see their world from different perspectives and in new and thought-provoking ways.
  • To develop an understanding of Sociology; which aims to explain human social relationships and institutions.
  • To learn about topics ranging from Crime to Social inequality and from the Family to Education.
  • To develop a wide range of knowledge and understanding about society
  • To develop an understanding of society’s structures and issues.
  • To develop the ability to evaluate experimental methods including the use of qualitative and quantitative data
  • To develop the skills to design, conduct and evaluate Sociological experiments
  • To develop students essay skills, in particular the ability to write concisely


Sociology is exciting, interesting and relevant to students’ lives. The course will encourage students to take a questioning approach to evidence and issues and develop their thinking and evaluation skills.

  1. The sociological approach
  2. Social structures, social processes and social issues
  3. Families describe, compare and contrast a variety of sociological perspectives on the functions of families (functionalist, feminist and Marxist).
  4. Education describe and explain the functions of education including serving the needs of the economy, facilitating social mobility and fostering social cohesion
  5. Crime and deviance describe and explain various sociological explanations of crime and deviance including labelling, structural theories, subcultural theories and interactionist theory.
  6. Social stratification including poverty and power
  7. Sociological research methods including ethical research and how to undertake Sociological research


The course is assessed by 2 exams at the end of the year. Each exam is 1hour 45 minutes. The questions include multiple choice questions followed by a range of short and extended responses. There is NO coursework.

This is a great option to choose if you are interested in how our society works. The skills and knowledge you develop studying sociology focuses on human activities and relationships that connect individuals, groups and institutions. Career progression includes the law, health, education and business.


The detailed curriculum by Half Term is available [here]


Updated 21/03/2022