Photography GCSE

Board: Edexcel Syllabus: Art & Design – Endorsed Photography – Full Course

This is a specialism within the Art & Design specification. The skills you learn will be varied and you will have opportunities to work with digital images, film, animation and the moving image. You should be creative, have a good eye and be willing to experiment. We have studio sessions where we look at lighting and studio set ups as well as going out to photograph the world around us. We also use computer software to create imaginative photographic manipulations and experimentations. Students are taught how to use DSLR and compact cameras beyond the auto settings. The department also has a darkroom for students to gain an understanding of developing images.

Students will be expected to develop knowledge and understanding of:

  • The use of light as the most important element in photography
  • Different genres of Photography
  • Viewpoint, composition, focus, shutter speed, exposure
  • Image manipulation using Photoshop
  • Contextual connections between students’ digital work and the work of others, extracting and using meaningful information
  • The use of a range of source material, software and hardware in the generation and development of ideas.

The course is not all practical. You will use a sketchbook to document your work, research the work of other artists and photographers, as well as form links between your work in class and the history of Art. This means that you will be expected to investigate and analyse images, developing a critical vocabulary.

  • Homework is an important part of the course and contributes to coursework grades. This can be practical as it gives you opportunities to take photographs beyond the classroom.
  • Coursework forms 60% of your final mark. This is divided into 3 projects based around a broad theme such as light photography and movement. With each project you will experiment with different techniques, learn about new artists and produce a substantial piece of Art in response to the theme. For photography this will mean producing something beyond a single photograph e.g. a book of photographs, an installation, large scale montage or even photography or projection on a 3d form.
  • There is a final externally set project which is given to you eight weeks before the exam. This forms the final 40% of your mark. Your teacher will help you prepare for this during the eight weeks preparation time. The exam itself is for you to complete 10 hours of practical work. We normally take students on a trip to prepare for the exams.
  • There is an Art Club every week after school to support you with your coursework.
  • There are many things you can go on to do with a GCSE in Photography/Art & Design. These might include careers in such fields

Updated 18/03/2022