GCSE History


  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the most important people, events and ideas that shaped the world in which we live.
  • To develop skills in finding, comparing and analysing information, contained in a variety of sources: photographs, letters, cartoons, maps, newspapers, textbooks, IT databases, etc.  These are vital skills applicable to any job and an excellent basis for further study in any subject.
  • To develop a flexible mind, able to understand how human affairs are shaped by the interaction of many different ideas and situations.
  • To appreciate how people in the past felt about the situations which faced them, and how this was similar to, or different from, our reactions now.  This develops skill in appreciating the many different viewpoints held by people today in our complex and rapidly changing society.

Students study the following elements of the EDEXCEL GCSE.

  • Medicine through Time and The British Sector of the Western Front 1914-18 Surgery and Treatment. (looking at ideas about causes of illness, and treatments over time).
  • The Cold War 1945-91 and Henry VIII and his Ministers (Wolsey and Cromwell)1509-1540
  • The USA 1954-1975: Conflict at Home and Abroad (Civil Rights and the Vietnam War)

This course allows students to study a range of topics, in a variety of ways which use and develop individual talents and aptitudes.  Study methods include the use of maps, charts, diagrams, photography, letters, diaries, cartoons, newspapers, IT databases, videos etc

For One Year Option there is a 2 Day Field Study Trip to Ypres. For 3 Year there are 3 x Trips (one in each year) to the Science Museum, Hampton Court and The Doctors Show Theatre production.


EDEXCEL SYLLABUS B: Schools History Project.

Paper 1 - 1hr 15m - Medicine and Surgery  30%

Paper 2 - 1 hr 45m – Cold War and Henry VIII  40%

Paper 3 - 1 hr 20m – USA  30%


You know what topics and questions will appear in which papers and can prepare accordingly.  We have found the EDEXCEL examinations to be fair and straightforward, repaying hard work with excellent results.


Updated 18/03/2022