Engineering Design

OCR Cambridge National in Engineering Design


  • The Cambridge National in Engineering Design encourages learners to communicate and consult with a client to develop a viable and innovative product, through a 1 year GCSE equivalent (level 2) course.
  • Learners will apply practical skills to produce a prototype in the form of a model and test design ideas to inform further product development.
  • Through reflection learners evaluate the prototype making comparison of outcome against specification points and assess possible and practical solutions and improvements to their prototype design.
  • A practical approach to teaching and learning will provide learners with knowledge in engineering technology and develop critical thinking, creativity and dextrous skills through engaging practical experiences.


  • Students will be asked to research and and analyse a product which will include looking at market research, dis-assembly, health and safety concerns, life cycle assement and product analysis.
  • This will lead students on to creating some initial designs, 3D developments/Computer Aided Design work, working engineering drawings, a manufacturing spec and 3D prototyping.
  • After this students will then create a production plan and make their designed product before testing and evaluating against their client needs.


  • Students will be asked to complete 3 short assessments each worth 25% of the over all level 2 qualification equivilant to a GCSE.
  • There is also a theory exam worth 25% based on client brief, product requirements and specifications.

Further progression

  • This course is a pathway to AS/A2 level Product Design at Longdean School.
  • Skills and Knowledge learnt will help equip them for a career in design or engineering outside of school.
  • The UK design industry is one of the nation’s most exciting and fastest growing industries.


Note - This specification may change in the future


Updated 18/03/2022