KS4 Business Studies

KS4 Business Studies


  • This is a one year GCSE course, focusing on business behaviour and the environment within which it takes place. It is recommended students do not take this subject in Year 9.
  • This course gives the students an insight into the world of business and examines a wide range of topics including the structure and organisation of businesses and their interaction with consumers.
  • Topics studied include setting up a business, marketing, finance, people in business, operations management and types of production.
  • Students will learn by working with real businesses and getting a feel for the reality of business life.

Content Overview

Business 1 (50%)

  • Business activity
  • Marketing
  • People

Business 2 (50%)

  • Operations 
  • Finance
  • Influences on business
  • The interdependent nature of business

The modules by half term can be seen [here]

Updated 14/03/2022